Monday, October 25, 2004

Gay Marriage

I went to a gay wedding yesterday here in Virginia. In reality the two were recently married in Ontaria, but they restated their vows here because this is where all of their friends are.

While there were a few other straight people there, we were definitely in the minority, so I felt honored to be there.

During the actual ceremony, I had an interesting thought - sort of a secular epiphany if you will. It occurred to me (interesting term for an epiphany, no?) that a gay wedding was in a sense much more spiritual than a straight wedding. That's because a straight wedding could be said to be grounded in the physical world, designed as an instrument to further propogate the race. A gay wedding, on the other hand, is all about love and commitment, two of the highest ideals I can possibly imagine.

My wife and I married in 1997. If I had been more aware of the issues facing our society at that time, I would have opted for civil union instead as a protest against the anti-love policies in the United States.