Saturday, July 10, 2010

Conservative Confusion

As a liberal leaning American citizen, I'm confused by all of the contradictions in the conservative movement's platform.  They claim to be pro-American, but from my viewpoint they seem to be more anti-American. Please inform me of anything that is not correct, or anything I left out.  Flames will be filed in the circular file.

The conservative movement...

claims to be the one that holds the higher moral ground, yet they...
  • are more likely to support bombing countries, which always leads to civilian deaths, in order to keep themselves safe
  • are more likely to stay in a war that costs the lives of countless brave American soldiers in order to keep themselves safe
  • are more likely to support the erosion of the rights of American citizens in order to keep themselves safe, even though they're far less likely to live in a place that would be a target of terrorism (New York and DC, for example)
  • are less likely to want to help the poor with health care
  • are less likely to want to help feed the hungry
  • are more likely to be in favor of denying rights to their gay and lesbian fellow citizens
claims to be the one that supports small business owners and working Americans, yet...
  • are more likely to support tax breaks for mega corporations who ship American jobs overseas
  • are more likely to support tax breaks to corporations in general, to the point where there are so many loopholes that they pay almost no taxes at all
  • are more likely to deny working Americans any recourse against unfair treatment by corporations through unions
claims to be the one that most reflects the beliefs of the founding fathers of America, yet...
  • the first two American presidents (George Washington and John Adams) would both today be considered liberals, establishing the federal tax system, the national bank, and a standing army for the defense
claim to be against socialism, yet...
  • drive on public roads, including interstate highways
  • go to, and send their children to, public schools
  • use the public post office
  • counts on the FDA to insure that they're not being robbed or poisoned when making purchases
claim to be for a balanced budget, yet...
  • don't object to spending hundreds of billions (more than $830,000,000,000 as of 7/2010) on the Iraq war, which has made the world an even more dangerous place for Americans than it was prior to 9/11
  • are more likely to support giving extra tax breaks to the very richest Americans, leaving the bulk of the tax burden on the working class, and lessening the chance of ever balancing the budget
claim to be for religious freedom, yet...
  • are more likely to be distrustful of their fellow Americans who are Muslim, Buddhist, Jew, or atheist
  • support teachers leading classrooms full of children of diverse religious backgrounds in Christian prayer


Blogger Cecil X. Nixxon said...

Stryder, I don't see any holes in your logic at all. I've wondered how these "conservatives" or whatever you want to call them (or they want to be called) have gotten away with out-and-out lies and mis-information for so long.

6:12 PM  

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